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With the ever increasing energy consumption and the depleting of the earth’s non-renewable energy source, ways of finding and using natural energy sources are in motion. Finding and using natural energy sources can be both beneficial and difficult. There are two sides to this and we will delve into the different aspects of natural energy sources.

The advantage of natural energy is that it is renewable and it is sustainable and will never run out. This natural energy produces no waste material that may pollute or harm our environment.

Countries are slowly using renewable energy as a major source of energy and showing economic benefits especially in many areas. All major projects are usually located away from urban city centers. 

The downside to using renewable energy is that it is extremely difficult to generate a huge amount of electric energy similar to that of fossil fuels. Another common problem to alternative energy sources is the consistency of the natural energy supply. Since its naturally generated, green renewable energy supply relies on the meteorological conditions.

The other snag of natural energy source is that it is abit more pricey to set up the equipment necessary to produce the much needed and clean energy.

The sun is the greatest source of energy since it is free, efficient and reliable. It’s more then possible to get the maximum energy given by the sun and replace the electrical and gas companies. But there are boundaries, areas with hills, valleys and a high amount of rainfall are not able of producing natural solar energy.

Wind is a very reliable element to producing natural green energy. It’s more than likely that wind energy will replace up to 50 percent of the total natural energy consumption in the very near future. This type of natural energy produces no harmful gases and totally safe for our environment.

Although natural green energy is renewable, it does pose some small problems. But it is more promising than the harmful effects of fossil fuels. We may have to continue searching for a cost efficient and earth friendly natural energy source.

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