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At Lumo Energy we love our planet and we know that you do too! So for all the planet lovers out there, we have electricity supply. The only difference is that instead of non-renewable energy sources feeding into the grid, Lumo Energy will purchase energy from renewable sources on your behalf to feed into the grid that powers your home.

At Lumo Energy, we’ve got a lot of big ideas. Ideas about doing things differently from the rest, about trying new things, about doing everything we can to keep you shining. We don’t just talk big, we follow through on our promises. We promise to provide you with the best service, the most flexible options and to take care of all of the fiddly stuff. So you can worry about more important stuff.

Choose Life, choose to shine, choose one of our renewable energy packages and help the Earth out! We look forward to helping you shine.

LUMO Energy
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At Lumo Energy, our simple belief is that life’s too short to waste on worrying about Gas and Electricity. That’s why we do the worrying for you. We get on with the job, so you can get on with the important stuff. Whether it’s family, friends, your community, your dog, whatever makes you shine.

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