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The market of green energy is growing exponentially. More and more people are going green and for good reason. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why you should use green energy right now.

1. Green For The Environment

Using green energy is one of the best ways to help out the environment. Green energy is clean and is renewable which means that it won’t harm the environment and it will never run out. Fossil fuel emissions are slowly killing our planet which is why everyone needs to do their part in keeping our environment healthy. We need to take action now if we want keep our planet a sustainable place to live.

2. Green $$$

Along with helping out the environment, green energy can also save you a ton of cash. At the very minimum, a natural energy source will save you 80% on your energy bill. And this is just within a months time of using a renewable energy source. Not only will your natural energy source have payed for itself within a month, but you will also save you hundreds of dollars. But, even more incredible is the ability to make money off of your green energy source. Since green energy is renewable it has the ability to produce more energy than you actually need. This means you will be able to sell unused energy back to your utility company for a lot of cash.

3. Green Won’t Always Be Cheap

The most important reason why you should go green now instead of waiting is because this market is growing rapidly and is bound to become huge within the next six months. And when this market becomes huge you can expect prices to soar as well. Right now you can make your own green energy source for around $50. How long will this be a realistic price? Not very long. In just a few months this price could easily increase to 3x times the current amount. Green energy will always have the ability to save you money, but when you have to dish out hundreds of dollars it may take a pretty long time.

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  1. Rose @Bloggers Crossing Says:

    Very interesting topic. It’s about time to go green. Hope this will reach the Philippines for expansion of the products needed to go green. Thank you for the information on this.

  2. Gold Price Says:

    Green power sources produce electricity with an environmental profile superior to conventional power technologies and produce no fossil-fuel based greenhouse gas emissions. EPA requires that green power sources must also have been built within the last 15 years in order to support “new” renewable energy development.

  3. Bobbie W. Glass Says:

    Solar energy is gotten in an electromagnetic radiation form, such as electromagnetism or solar radiation, and is essential to sustaining life upon Earth. It assists in growing plants and providing heat and generating solar electricity. Below we will talk about some of the solar energy advantages that come with utilizing it as an alternate energy source. The energy amount that is received from the Sun each day is approximately 35,000 times more that what we consume or produce. This gigantic energy source brings multiple “green” advantages. Below are a few of these solar energy advantages .

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